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Highlights from our travel adventures

Photo Story

It’s true that travel photography in the era of smartphone photography is ubiquitous. However, the world is a beautiful place and any photograph that showcases that our planet is exceptional has value in my book.

To save the planet we must protect the natural spaces but we must also take steps to eliminate poverty and discrimination. To make that happen we must understand and respect other cultures and environments. Travel allows us to do that.

Travel is not reward for working. It's education for living.

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Bryce Canyon, Utah
Big Ben, London, England
Sunset over Death Valley, California
View of sunset out of car window in desert
Roys Cafe, desert motel, Barstow, California
Duomo, Florence, Italy
Lighthouse at French River, PEI
Bar chairs at diner at the ACE Hotel, Palm Springs
Amargosa Opera House, California
Tower Bridge, London, England
Ferris Wheel, Las Vegas
Red door, south shore, Ireland
Giant's Causeway, Ireland
Blue abandoned truck, California
Millennial Bridge detail near Tate Museum, London
Red truck door, Distillery District, Toronto, Canada
Building detail of man and woman in Paris, France
Beach on north shore of Ireland
Wide angle of Zebriski Point, Death Valley
Winter solstice sign at Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles
View of Sacre Coeur through window at Musee Dorsay, Paris, France
Blue art deco building, Miami Beach
Reflections at Union Station, Toronto, Canada
Bridges in Manchester, England
Garden Tool art, Farmer's Daughter Hotel, California
Witch weathervane, England
North shore raised walkway, PEI, Canada
Lighthouse at Port Maitland, Ontario, Canada
Cows Ice Cream building, Charlottetown, PEI, Canada
Lighthouse in wheat field, PEI, Canada
Mussel Boat, Morell Harbour, PEI, Canada
Lobster trap on the North Shore of PEI, Canada
Abandoned house in PEI, Canada
White house in Tucson, Arizona
Blue wall and red door in Tucson, Arizona
Church in a ghost town outside of Phoenix, Arizona
White wall with fence shadow, Tucson, Arizona
Saguaro cactus at sunset
Saguaro National Park vista
Rubber duckies in the pool at Farmer's Daughter Hotel in Los Angeles
Gulls on a shed in Rustico, PEI
Crocs sandals at a PEI beach
Washed up boat on English Bay, Vancouver
Fence at White Sands National Park
White sand ripples of White Sand National Park
Shot down the valley of Zion National Park