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With our actions, the climate crisis is advancing faster than we will be able to accommodate. We need to act now to preserve the natural world and ensure a sustainable planet for generations to come.

By showing how beautiful this world is through photography, I hope to encourage people to take steps to protect our environment. After all, there is no Planet B.

The United Nations has established 17 essential sustainable development goals that will guide us on the journey to change our ways. To read more click here.

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We can never have enough nature.

Bee on Chamomile flower
Tiger lily at sunset
Two swans with water lilies
Magnolias in Spring
Red Headed Woodpecker
Wabi Sabi french post with Rosa Rugosa
Orange poppy
Pearl Crescent Butterfly on calendula flower
Queen Anne's Lace flower
Frosted leaf
Orange tulip
Rose Breasted Gros Beak
Purple morning glory on green background
Large tree in Lynn Valley, BC
Macro shot of red tulip on red background
Mallard duck in pond, Vancouver
Green river in Lynn Valley, BC
Gecko in shade
Dandelions in front of hollow log
Rain drops on fall leaves
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly on beach
Purple Bee Balm Flower
Red breasted Grosbeak
Purple calla lily still life
Moss growing on tree
White breasted nuthatch
White tulip surrounded by yellow spirea
Loon in water