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Ready to See Yourself in a New Light?

Rediscover your confidence with creative portrait photography that reflects the amazing woman you are – inside and out – with a professional photoshoot designed specifically for women over 40.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's this woman I don't quite recognize at all?

Let’s be honest, the aging process is a total trip. After spending decades building a life, family, and career you finally know what it means to “feel like yourself” on the inside …

  • You have a wealth of knowledge and experience and it feels like your journey is just starting to unfold. 

  • Perhaps you’ve landed your dream job, moved to a new city or you’re embarking on a new career. 

  • Maybe you’ve tackled a personal demon and won – now you want to celebrate the person you’ve become.

Portraits are an incredible way to capture this moment so you can remember how great you feel at this point in your journey.

portrait of woman on beach looking to sun with arms outstretched

… but when you see yourself in photos, you don’t recognize the person looking back at you.

The physical side of ageing sucks!

Editorial nature photography of mature blonde woman in green jacket with red background.

Never mind the (not so subtle) ageism we’re confronted with in the workplace that can make us feel almost invisible, our culture is fixated on a narrow definition of female beauty.

The obsession with youth and flawlessness means we’re bombarded with messages about what cream can fix our wrinkles or trim off that body fat.

Wherever we look, we’re told over and over that we are broken and need to be fixed. It can really start to take a toll on our self-confidence.

And then they invented the selfie.

With phones always at our fingertips, someone is always pulling out a camera to snap a quick shot. And unless you’ve taught yourself how to smile and pose, most likely you seldom like the way you look in pictures.

A Portrait Can Help You Feel Good About Yourself

Cameras can be cruel. The reality is, they weren’t made to flatter; they were made to record. 

Luckily there are ways to get around their limitations. I’m not talking about retouching or manipulating in Photoshop, but understanding how lenses and lighting can bring out your best features

That’s what separates a camera phone portrait from a professional studio portrait.

How Portrait Photography Helped Me Reconnect with Myself

For as long as I can remember I’ve coloured my hair. At first, I did it for fun and then to hide those pesky greys.  But when the world went into lockdown, I took the opportunity to embrace my natural colour for health and environmental reasons.

The result? I barely recognized the person in the mirror.

While my mind tells me I’m as energetic and creative as I was in my 30s, the person looking back at me seems so much older.

Portrait photography of mature woman headshot grey hair black background

A strange thing happens when our faces and bodies become strangers to us. We start to lose our sense of self.

So, when I found myself dreading the next smartphone image of myself, I knew it was time to take action!

The Power of Posing

professional portrait of mature woman in black shirts smiling

At the age of 55, I stepped into the studio, this time from a different angle. Instead of standing behind the camera, I got in front of the lens and re-taught myself how to do the things that we did naturally when we were younger. 

I learned how to pose a body that had a new shape and to smile in a way that flattered my mature face.

And along the way as I learned to pose for selfies and in the studio, my confidence grew, and I began to like myself again.

Not because I fit into the mould of societal beauty but because I had discovered the new me.

Aging is not “lost youth” but a stage of opportunity and strength.”

Get More Than a Photo - Get Skills and Support

A beautiful portrait can be incredibly uplifting. Creative portraits allow us to collaborate to craft an image you envision. With gentle guidance, I can help you capture the person you know on the inside.

My wish for you is that you come away empowered to take on whatever this new stage of your life has to offer with confidence and a smile.

The Process


After the initial consultation, we plan out the details of your personal photo shoot. We can work with a Pinterest mood board if you prefer to get a feel for what you want to accomplish.

Photo Shoot

Once we have sorted out the look, feel and location, we book a date and the fun begins. A shoot usually lasts about 1 hr.

Review & Choose

After the shoot, we book a time to review the images online. Once you have selected the ones you prefer, the images are finalized and sent to you via Drop Box or a similar program.

Portrait photography of Leni J Photo

I am a professional photographer based in Southern Ontario, Canada. I specialize in portrait and editorial photography.

I work with women over the age of 40 who want to get past the struggles of middle age and instead, celebrate the new, empowered person they are becoming.

I have been shooting portraits and editorial photography for over 15 years. My photo sessions are supportive, casual and fun. I work with my clients to establish the mood that suits what they want to come through their portrait.

Frequently Asked Questions

This will depend on the mood you have decided you want to present but essentially, you would want to wear clothes that are more form fitting than loose. You need to be comfortable but clothes that show your shape are better in images. Don’t forget your undergarments as well. Make sure they smooth out any areas you want to de-emphasize.
If you can, it’s best to not have any commitments immediately before or after the shoot. If you are rushed or worried, it will show in the images. Keep the mood of the shoot in mind.
If we have budgeted for a hair and makeup stylist then it’s best not to wear any make up to the shoot. Otherwise, bring your basic makeup and then we can do touch ups on site.
In our preparation meeting we will discuss whether the mood of the shoot is better suited to a studio or outdoor location. There is no difference in the quality of the images in either location as our photo equipment if fully mobile.

The standard Creative Portrait shoot includes 3 processed images. If you would like more images  I have multi image packages at different rates.

Budget 1 hr for the shoot at a minimum. Maximum 2 hours.
Depending on the mood of your shoot, it is best to bring 2 outfits.
A creative portrait photo shoot is about the individual journey. If you would like do portrait session with friends or family, that would be a separate custom quote.

The starting rate for a Creative Portrait photo shoot is $700 plus hair and makeup. Each photo session is custom to your individual journey however and I will give you a custom quote after our planning session. 

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“And the beauty of a woman, with passing years only grows – Audrey Hepburn