A selection of articles on photography, art,

and the environment.


women on boat to england

Why You Need to Scan Your Negatives and Slides Now

Sometimes the mysteries of technology can get in the way of the creative impulse. Coming at a problem from a different angle can make...

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Still life of lock on photo album

How to Protect Your Images

Making sure you never lose another image or miss another moment again.

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Marina in Toronto

Why Real Cameras Still Matter

A review of the Huawei P20 Pro 40 MP smart phone camera.

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Still life of digital cameras

Where Can You Backup Your Photos

From Google Photos to Flickr what is the best solution for backing up and sharing photos.

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The Environment

Bee sitting on flower

What It Means To Live Sustainably

Recently I was discussing the issues of reducing waste with a group of friends. And once again, my argument was ignored. In a typical...

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Still life of gun shot shells on reflective black background

The Real Enemy of the Environment is Bad Product Design

Instead of recycling our products we need to design them from the beginning with their future uses in mind.

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plastic fork washed up on beach

Bans on Plastic Are Not Drastic Enough

Canada just announced that they would ban single use plastics by 2021. For those of us concerned with the amount of plastic in our oceans and...

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Arts Help

Image by Paul Nicklen of whale fin cresting water

Conservation Photographer Wants To Bring The Oceans To You

Originally posted on Arts Help, Summer 2021 Award-winning conservation photographer Paul Nicklen refers to our understanding of the ocean as a thin blue line....

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Louis Masai mural of frog.

Muralist Uses Urban Environments To Save Endangered Species

Originally posted on Arts Help, Summer 2021 According to the Center for Biological Diversity, it is estimated that the bumblebee has declined in numbers by 89% over...

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arial view of Ron Finley's garden in LA

Gangsta Gardener Teaches A Community How To Improve Their Health

Originally produced for Arts Help, Summer 2021 Artist and gardener Ron Finley uses soil for his canvas and plants and trees for his paint. “Gardening...

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Close up of Deniz Sagdic denim scrap portrait

Artist Creates Amazing Portraits That Are Sustainable

Originally produced for Arts Help, Summer 2021 Deniz Sağdıç’s path to becoming an artist started in the traditional manner with a degree from Mersin...

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