Promotional Photography, Photo Management and Photo Retouching

Below is the breakdown of pricing for each of our photo services.

Covid Update

Due to the changes brought about by Covid, all initial consultations will be done via email and Zoom calls. Other than that, they will follow a similar process of question and answer. 

After each call, I will send you a follow up email, listing what we talked about and the next action steps including a quote for services and payment schedule. 

Once you confirm your desire to move forward with an email, I will set up a task schedule and we can discuss next steps.

Promotional Photography

Professional Photography fees are based on the project details. The initial 1 hour consultation is free.

Photo Retouching

For Photo Retouching, pricing starts at $50 per image for old and damaged images. Other types of digital images are assessed individually. 

Photo Management

We have three types of packages for our Photo Management Services.

A Self Starter package is for those who just want a little guidance to get started. The Full Service package is for those who want the peace of mind knowing someone is getting the job done and the Custom package is for those who want a little bit of both.

The initial 1 hour consultation is free.

The types of services can include the following.

Assess Your Situation:

  • Determine how many images are you backing up to the cloud
  • Locate all your images (old and new)
  • Assess your current computer for storage
Provide a Plan of Action For You:

  • Determine the best cloud plans for your situation
  • Find the best hard drive back ups and software for you to use
  • Plan out how to sort through your old images

Provide Solutions For:

  • Backing up services
  • Collection and sorting of all digital images
  • Sorting, curating and scanning of historic images
  • Restoration of damaged images
  • Training on management software
  • Curation of images for books, slide shows and framing
  • Regular maintenance, check ins for ongoing image collection

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