Tips and tricks to better manage your photos

You have questions, I’m sure. Where should I back up my images? What service is the best for me and my family? How do free up space on my phone? We try to answer as many as we can on this page. 

Below are articles to help you get started on your own. But if you need help, whether that is to design a plan of action or to take on the big projects for you, just give us a shout. We want to make the process easier for you so you can get back to enjoying and recording your life.

Get Started Organizing

Still life of lock on photo album

How to Protect Your Images

Making sure you never lose another image or miss another moment again.

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Screen shot of camera roll on smart phone

How To Free Up Space on Your Phone

Using our phones to take pictures is a wonderful convenience but all good things need care and feeding.

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image of macbook pro, ipad, iphone with lock

Is Apple Your Privacy Protector?

What exactly is Apple doing to protect your information?

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Private sign above a mailbox

Are Your Images Safe With Google?

In these days of mobile devices and connectivity how private is your information online? How much of our personal information are the big tech...

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Sky and Clouds

How Safe is the Cloud?

Our photos and documents are precious and valuable and yet many of us do not back them up securely either at home or in...

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Still life of digital cameras

How to Choose Your Photo Management Provider

From Google Photos to Flickr what is the best solution for backing up and sharing photos.

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Photo Archiving

women on boat to england

Why You Need to Scan Your Negatives and Slides Now

Sometimes the mysteries of technology can get in the way of the creative impulse. Coming at a problem from a different angle can make...

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Ways to describe avoiding a task

How To Stop Procrastinating And Get It Done

Tips on how to get past the thought patterns that are holding you back.

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Chrysler Coupe 1935

How to Archive Your Old Photos

We need to find the time and energy to review and preserve the images we want to keep now so that it doesn't become...

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Take Your Photography to the Next Level

building in Paris, Jardin de Luxembourg

How to Ruthlessly Edit Your Photos

In order to save ourselves time and money, we need to edit our images regularly so that we can find and share the ones...

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Portrait of man sitting at White Sands National Park

How to Take More Meaningful Pictures

It's not about quantity but about quality.

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a woman sitting between statues

How to Take Better Pictures of Your Family

Tips on how to take more professional photos of your family and have fun doing it.

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Photo Technology

A field of dandelions

When Technology Fails Creativity

Sometimes the mysteries of technology can get in the way of the creative impulse. Coming at a problem from a different angle can make...

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Marina in Toronto

Why Real Cameras Still Matter

A review of the Huawei P20 Pro 40 MP smart phone camera.

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The camera points both ways.

In expressing your subject,

you also express yourself.

Freeman Patterson