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About Me

It seems reasonable to believe, that the more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe about us, the less taste we shall have for the destruction of our race. RACHEL CARSON

leni johnston, photo, collage, janet mcleod, rose Iam a photographer, a designer, and someone who is passionate about the environment. I have had a wide range of diverse jobs through the years, ranging from planting trees to website development to home renovations and as a result have developed strong skills in self discipline, organizing, design and project management. I have worked for graphic design and media companies as well as the Art Gallery of Ontario during their extensive Transformation project and enjoyed each one for their unique challenges.

A few years ago I discovered a preference for working independently and as a result have put my skills toward helping people preserve their photos and promote their businesses. We now live in a very technical world that is constantly changing. Managing our images and information while still trying to run our business or enjoy life can be challenging. I help people stay on top of what they need to do to be successful and secure in all their technical endeavours.

My creative passion is and will always be Photography. I see it as a wonderful mix of logic, science and art. I have shot for mainstream companies and organizations and have been featured in magazines and books. But the craft is always developing. As we change, our priorities change. Slowly over the past 15 years my eyes have been opened to the environmental issues we face. However, it can be very discouraging to be passionate about something that few people seem to notice.

So I am here to write and to show images that express the things I care about in the hope that I can inspire and encourage others to care as well. I am keen to promote those who are making strides to protect our environment with new designs and building technologies, as well as artisans who recycle or use materials that are gentle on the planet. We have been conditioned to shop to support the economy but what good is a strong economy when we don’t have a planet that supports us, when our water, air and earth are poisoned. I believe we need to change our ways. We need to work toward new systems that work with nature, not against her. Through my images, words and actions, I want to encourage people to see how beautiful and important nature is.

Rachel Carson wrote the words quoted above in her book Silent Spring in 1962. Her book was revolutionary because it brought everyones attention to the poisonous effects of the “miracle” pesticides and fertilizer we were pouring into the ground. The book started a movement. However, change didn’t happen fast enough and we are now standing on a precipice.

What we choose not to buy, what we choose to eat, where we live and how we live, I believe, I have to believe, can solve the problems we currently face. I hope to share the information I find and encourage new awareness. With our actions, we can save the planet.