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About Me

It seems reasonable to believe, that the more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe about us, the less taste we shall have for the destruction of our race. RACHEL CARSON

Iam an artist, an organizer, and someone who loves to travel. In the last few years I have become an ardent environmentalist. But it can be very discouraging to be passionate about something that few people seem to notice. So I am here to write, to put a voice to the things I care about in the hope that I can inspire and encourage others to care as well.

I have had a wide range of diverse jobs through the years, ranging from planting trees to website development to home renovations. When I joined the business world however, I found I had a natural ability for organization and project management. Now I use those superpowers to help people reclaim their lives by reducing the amount of extraneous items they are dealing with. From closets full of clothes that are seldom worn, to smart cameras bursting with unseen images, I coach people on finding a simpler life, where experiences matter more than things and memories are preserved and celebrated. Of course, the environmentalist in me wants to reduce the amount of stuff heading to land fills, so I ensure that as many things as possible are recycled and are given a new life. What is old can be new again.

My creative passion is Photography. I see it as a wonderful mix of logic, science and art. Photography has a powerful pull, from news to social media to art. We live in a visual age and as a photographer I want to celebrate nature through my images. I want to remind people how beautiful and important nature is. Almost all the images on this site were shot by me. To see my full portfolio go to LeniJ Photo. Images are available for purchase and digital download.

lenijphoto, fine art photography, flowers, lily

My other creative interest has been fashion. To this day I love well-crafted clothes and the look and feel of beautiful natural fabric. When I was young, I was motivated to learn how to make my own clothes because I could find nothing in the stores that suited my picky nature. It was my plan to study fashion design but alas, it was not to be. I have since learned that fashion is one of the most polluting industries after fossil fuels.

We need nature, nature doesn't need us, eco-friendly t-shirts, sustainable economy

But there are people starting to change the way this industry works. They are currently on the fringes and they need to be showcased more. I am now motivated to only buy clothes that are sustainable and ethical. Recently, when I couldn’t find a particular t-shirt I wanted, I decided to start my own line of  eco-friendly t-shirts. These stylish shirts are not only are made of sustainable fabric and made on-demand, but they also spread the message of protecting the environment. I will be writing about my ongoing journey into the world of slow fashion on this site.

I have been blessed to have the Canadian experience of a cottage outside of the urban centres. Living in the country has awakened in me an awareness of nature (seeing birds, rabbits, foxes and deer regularly) but also how much energy and resources it takes to build and run a house. When you are away from the machinations of the city, life is simpler. You need less so you use less. You are with the elements every day and you come to respect them more. But the elements we need to survive, air, earth, and water are fragile when faced with humanity’s demands. More and more each day I see how we need to change how we think about the world. The planet is hurting and we are moving too slow to fix the problems we created. The environmental issues we face are not new, people have been raising red flag since the 60s. And yet, here we are, still.

There are those that are making a difference however and they are my inspiration. Rachel Carson, David Suzuki, Niomi Klein, Adria Vasil, I will talk about these and other influencers on this site.

What we choose not to buy, what we choose to eat, where we live and how we live, I believe, I have to believe, can solve the problems we currently face. I hope to share the information I find and encourage new awareness. With our actions, we can save the planet.