My name is Leni Johnston and I am a photographer and a passionate environmentalist.

I believe...

I believe we are all connected to the environment and that we must do what we can to protect it.

I believe that photography and the arts have the power to inspire people to change the world.

I believe in supporting those who are daring to be different and who are charting a path for a sustainable future.

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To boldly go where no one has gone before. Despite my love of the Star Trek series, I have no desire to go into space. Something about the lack of oxygen just doesn't appeal. What I do love about the series is the idea of adventure, overcoming challenges and seeing new worlds. My approach to photography is similar. I am always looking for new ways of looking at ordinary things - a different light, a different angle, always up close. I like getting into the weeds and trying to understand the why.

My inspiration has always been nature first but the human impact on the world is becoming just as important. Currently nature is pushing back, literally pushing waste back up on the shore to show us how blind we have been. I want to use my art to show the beauty and the problems. But the dirty little secret is that much of what we use to create art is not sustainable. Paints and batteries can be toxic for the soil, and the production of plastic continues to pollute the air and water.

Every choice I make in my art, the ideas behind it and the way it is presented has the environment in mind. If the tools are not here yet to ensure that my art is easy on the planet, I state clearly what compromises have to be made and what steps were taken to compensate for them. Changing how we do almost everything is essential for a sustainable future. We must be purposeful and bold to overcome the challenges we will surely face in this new world.

What I do

My art is an expression of my passion for the world that sustains us. To see my photography collections, click here.

If you have a business or service that you need to showcase through photography or video, I would love to learn more. To see my commercial work click here. Feel to contact me for a free initial consultation.

Living sustainably is a part of our daily life and a portion of our income is regularly donated to environmental, social and animal support charities.

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Abstract, Still Life, and Architecture



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Taking pictures is savouring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.

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