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Cuba 2017

This winter we decided to spend our beach time in Cuba. We stayed at a resort in Veradero and took a driving tour of Havana. It was a fascinating and quirky trip that challenged our North American expectations. It is a country caught in time, struggling to make ends meet and still the people were amazing, friendly, optimistic and realistic. Our guide made sure we saw both sides of Havana, the tourist side and the way the locals actually live. This gallery is just a snippet of what we saw.

Havana Church, Cuba, lenijphoto



Havana, Restaurant, Posters, Fidel Castro, Che Guevera

Havana Restaurant Posters


Fire Hydrant, Veradero, Cuba, lenijphoto

Fire Hydrant, Veradero, Cuba


mailbox, havana, cuba

Mailbox, Havana


Havana, Building Detail, Cuba, blue door, lenijphoto

Havana Building Detail


Resort Espresso, Veradero, Cuba, lenijphoto, hibiscus

Resort Espresso


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